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With kind permission of Max Planck Society

Optical table with experimental setup. By Axel Giersch.

Experimental setup.

Experimental setup used to cool and manipulate ultracold atoms in optical lattices. In some experiments, all the single elements are used and must be carefully aligned. (c) Axel Giersch, MPG

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With kind permission from the Philip Morris Foundation.

Magneto Optical Trap Vacuum Chamber with Laser Beams

The upper magneto-optical trap of our double magneto-optical trap setup on our first BEC experiment.

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Glass Cell Vacuum Chamber with Magnetic Field Coils

Glass cell vacuum chamber, where the Bose-Einstein condensate is created in a magnetic trap. The magnetic trapping field is created by current carrying coils, with one being shown on this image.

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Magneto Optical Trap in Action

Looking into our vacuum chamber you can see a cloud of laser cooled rubidium atoms (red colour enhanced artificially).

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