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HBT II - Fermionic Anti Correlations Dec06

Fermionic Anticorrelation Data

Spatial density profile of a fermionic atom cloud. The atoms are suddenly released from an optical lattice and are imaged after a short time of free expansion. Beside the local fluctuations due to the atomic (or quantum) noise, no distinct structure is visible.

Result of a spatial correlation analysis of the atomic noise. A regular structure of dips reveals the initial ordering of the atoms in the periodic lattice potential and proves the fermionic nature of the quantum particles.

Impressions from the Fermion Experiment

A photography of the ultra high vacuum glass cell, in which the atoms are cooled to quantum degeneracy and afterwards transferred into the optical lattice. Two coils of the magnetic trap are mounted above and below the glass cell.

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Same as previous picture, but now with an additional drawing of two of the three laser beams crossing each other to form the optical lattice.

The blue cloud in the center represents the trapped atoms.

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The laser setup used to cool and image the rubidium and potassium atoms.

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Panoramic view of the laboratory. Many lasers, optics and computers are required to control atoms on the quantum level.

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