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Collapse and Revival

Collapse & revival Movie of a calculated collapse

The overlap of an arbitrary coherent state β with the dynamically evolved state α(t). The coordinates are taken from the parameters of β and the colour and contour lines denote the overlap of β and α(t). At the time of the collapse, a Schrödinger cat state is formed. Later, the initial state forms again.

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Five cycles of collapse and revival

The images show absorption pictures of the interference of about 100,000 individual Bose-Einstein condensates. When there is a finite matter wave field, the individual BECs have a fixed phase relation and therefore form an interference pattern. At the time of the collapse, no interference is visible. Up to five such cycles of collapse and revival are visible in this movie.

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Image series of one cycle

Shown is the first of such a collapse and revival cycles as still images. The images were taken after times of: 0µs, 100µs, 150µs, 250µs, 350µs, 400µs, 550µs.

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Image series of one cycle

The same pictures as before, now arranged in a circle.

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