Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)


Atomlaser 3D No. 1

Three dimensional rendering of an Atom Laser beams emitted from a Bose-Einstein condensate. The higher the peak, the higher the density at this position.

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Atomlaser 3D No. 2

Atomlaser 3D No. 3

Atomlaser 2D

Absorption images of an Atom Laser at the phase transition. Matter wave beams emitted from a thermal cloud (left), from a partly condensed cloud (middle) and for an almost fully condensed cloud (right).

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Matter Wave Interference of Two Atom Laser Beams

Interference pattern of two matter wave beams emitted from an incoherent thermal source (left), from a partly condensed source (middle) and from a fully condensed cloud (right). Note the high contrast of the interference pattern in (c) !

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